Daily Archives: October 22, 2008

Katie and The Baggy Jeans

Do you love her jeans as much as she does?


I personally have mixed feelings about them. I can’t seem to make up my mind.


Trader Vics Kuwait

I got invited to Traders with a family friend to have dinner with the Senior VP and the President of Trader Vics. They were amazing hosts. I was impressed with the atmosphere, not so fond of the food though.

Atmosphere:   9/10

·         I liked the lighting, not to dark not to bright, it was just right (the kind that makes you look good)

·         Seating outside was lovely

·         Islamic  tribal statues (not kidding)

o   The Balidiya made the management remove any body features, only faces allowed

Food:        6/10

·         Appetizers are awesome

·         Main course:

o   Rack of Lamb too pungent, I’m not feeling the Chinese oven

·         Dessert was quite good, I had chocolate and oranges stuffed in a spring roll (exclusively in Kuwait)

·         I have a problem remembering the dish names




Overall, I would say the experience was 8/10

The Evil Smiley

There was the strangest scent around my office, it was like someone stuck sandalwood and all kinds of annoying spices up my nose! So i went hunting, walking around sniffing, aaaaand i found it. It was in the stationary cabinet! All that smell from this evil smiley. I also found out who brought this evil thing to work and all I could ask her was: What on earth is the scent supposed to be?  What do you think it was? Please…. Take a guess…