Trader Vics Kuwait

I got invited to Traders with a family friend to have dinner with the Senior VP and the President of Trader Vics. They were amazing hosts. I was impressed with the atmosphere, not so fond of the food though.

Atmosphere:   9/10

·         I liked the lighting, not to dark not to bright, it was just right (the kind that makes you look good)

·         Seating outside was lovely

·         Islamic  tribal statues (not kidding)

o   The Balidiya made the management remove any body features, only faces allowed

Food:        6/10

·         Appetizers are awesome

·         Main course:

o   Rack of Lamb too pungent, I’m not feeling the Chinese oven

·         Dessert was quite good, I had chocolate and oranges stuffed in a spring roll (exclusively in Kuwait)

·         I have a problem remembering the dish names




Overall, I would say the experience was 8/10


2 responses to “Trader Vics Kuwait

  1. Im suprised Traders actually opened in kwt , Do they have a menu of “Our selection of fresh beverages”
    1. “Tika- Bukka: A virgin Exotic blend of Granadine Juice with a spice of lime.
    2. ” Mai Tai” : Fresh pine apple extracts from our exotic Jahra valleys and a touch of Coconut spirits to endulge ur evening with LIVE (if any) latin music.

    LoooL ill check it out!

    Congtrats girsl!

  2. Aseel – at least you get to keep the faces. Faces are not in style in Rio.
    I’m not a fan of the food at Trader Vics ( haven’t tried Kuwait though ), but the spring rolls sound so GOOD.

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