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Book: This Little Piggy Went To Prada

By: Amy Allen

Your favourite nursery rhymes with a fashionable twist.

Here is a good way to teach our children how to pronounce designer names.

(to the tune of Frère Jacques)
“Louis Vuitton, Louis Vuitton,
Mulberry, Mulberry?
Nappy bag dilemma – Lulu, Kate or Anya?
Shopping spree, buy all three.”


Song of the day

Artist: Adele

Song: Best for Last


Lindsay Lohan Leggings for Shop Intuition: Called 6126 — which happens to be the DOB of  Marilyn Monroe-her inspiration for the collection.

1984: Abdulla AlRowaished

Cause-driven Photography; Rick Nahmias


Rick Nahmias


Rick Nahmias is a photographer, writer, and filmmaker whose work has been shown across North America, Europe, and Asia. He creates special multi-media image-based projects of all sizes for foundations, non-profits, corporations and cause-driven organizations. He also shoots freelance assignments with an emphasis on editorial, travel, medical and food subjects.




Exhibit: The Migrant Project


The migrant project in particular fascinated me. I found the images of the farmers to be very engaging.


Black and white pictures of California migrant farm workers. Pictures depict issues from family life, immigration, health care… 


“The black and white photographs, paired with text describing migrant workers’ lives, often deal with issues of pesticides, as when workers are told to eat heavily sprayed, unwashed grapes to test whether they are ripe for picking, or when workers’ children play in irrigation ditches filled with pesticide-saturated runoff. “


*check out the gallery





 Gallery: http://themigrantproject.com/gallery.html


 Rick Nahmias website: http://rcnphoto.com/

Mohammed Al Fayed Charged

Mohammed Al Fayed (Harrods) is being questioned by police over allegations of a sexual assault on a 15 year old girl. Mohammed Al Fayed has had many problems with the Law in England and was denied the British Passport. He has not been arrested yet, I have a feeling this will not be taken lightly.

Walk All Over You




Thank you Sergio Rossi