Mohammed Al Fayed Charged

Mohammed Al Fayed (Harrods) is being questioned by police over allegations of a sexual assault on a 15 year old girl. Mohammed Al Fayed has had many problems with the Law in England and was denied the British Passport. He has not been arrested yet, I have a feeling this will not be taken lightly.


4 responses to “Mohammed Al Fayed Charged

  1. I guess this is a big example of how ” Money Cant Buy Everything” …

  2. awww…

    I have met him the past summer in Harrods exclusive Jewelery exhibition, and he was very nice.
    sad to hear that kind of stuff about him !

  3. Suzy: It can buy you a lot though 🙂

    May: hopefully its just a scam to get some money off of him. This kind of thing should not be taken lightly though.

  4. It can buy you Louis Vuitton and Mulberry. lol. ( get it, the book )

    I really hope it’s not true because that’s just gross. In the modern world you just don’t hit on someone who could be your grand kid. I wonder what other trouble he has gotten himself into though. Could clue us in on whether it’s close to the truth or not !

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