Walk All Over You




Thank you Sergio Rossi


6 responses to “Walk All Over You

  1. This is it (Dream Come True).

    I think any girl wears this will get Ingaged Immediately

  2. Aseel ta3aley next time with me to Mexico and I can get u a whole outfit with similar prints for half the price!!! looooool it is all about ethnicity back home!!!!

  3. LOL to the first comment. Who wants to get “INGAGED” BUY THE DAMN Mexican themed boots! Suzy I saw a pair of those at a flee market this old mexican lady was selling a bunch of cool stuff I think they were $15…How much do you think these are? But then again who can put a price on getting “INGAGED”.
    –no offense anyone who is INGAGED or wants to be INGAGED..
    –miss u lujain and apparently work isnt THAT busy if you have time for a blog! Hi aseel 😛 I am the delinquent sister. Congrats on a FABULOUS blog 🙂

  4. Nia – ill buy 5 pairs one for each of my friends.. starting with with lulu!

  5. Hi Nia,
    It’s Aseel
    We never met before because i had prior INGAGMENTS.

  6. lol you guys. The boots are amazing, I want too !! I think the price tag on them is equivalent to that of a RIyadh – Mexico ticket. Aseel, come with ! I’ll book it. Dang, my travel agent’s line is INGAGED so I’ll give it a go later 🙂

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