Dorothy’s Gallery

Dorothy Polley is an American art gallery owner who has organised an exhibition with the help of democrats abroad and French Obama supporters. It takes place from 3rd of October untill 17th November.

“The French are extremely passionate for Barack Obama and they would like to know more about him. So, through the versions of the artist and the very long video that I did, I’m hoping that people can come here and discover him and especially discover the very special charisma that he has and what it is about him that makes people passionate.”

30 French and American artists exhibited their work.


One response to “Dorothy’s Gallery

  1. Few days ago, my friends and I were talking about the American elections, voting and all that stuff. Then, I had a thought of how Amaricanized we are!
    we used to talk about globalization before, but i dont think that it is globalization anymore its AMERICANIZATION!

    we are americanized to the extent that we are actually talking about their elections, politics.. etc .. and suprisingly we know exactly what is going in that part of the world in addition to all the updates!
    its really strange.. how we are engaged with everything they do while they don’t know that we do even exist!

    lol i guess ur saying what the hell she is talking about! hehe
    but this is reality ;p
    thanks for sharing

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