Nasty NASA



Description straight from

Belly Button Brush
If the thought of sticking your finger into your belly button to fish out jumper fluff or dry old bits of toast, leaves you feeling a little queasy, help is at hand in the shape of this stunning belly button brush. Intensively designed and developed by NASA (honest!) costing the tax paying citizens of America billions of dollars, the hi-tech design has left many people speechless – us included. Once you”ve tried it you”ll wonder how you ever managed without it! The BBB is 9cm long and comes in a cool box which says “FOR THE PERSON WHO HAS EVERYTHING” on it.

Dhs. 55.00 each



Next day delivery if you live in the UAE! And u don’t need a credit card, u can pay on delivery! 

Anyone want this on their wishlist?


3 responses to “Nasty NASA

  1. SERIOUSLY!! ewwwwww… lol funny… and disgusting…

  2. This will go on my Christmas wishlist. Along with a nose picker, and in-between toe scratcher! Thank you.

  3. I’ll make sure you both get one 🙂

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