Creepy Barbie

This is what the world has come to… creepy doll parts art jewelry!

If you would like to custom order, please specify a skin tone color range: vanilla, butterscotch, or chocolate.

Now here’s the breast part… for every piece sold, a $5 donation will be made to the Susan G. Komen Foundation to help find a cure for breast cancer.

Features a 16″ heart shaped link chain and pale vanilla skin tone. Oxidized silver and artist signature on the back.

The breast pendant isn’t as disturbing as the other parts…

Available on


6 responses to “Creepy Barbie

  1. OMG i want the boobies and the arm! I’m starting to like your blog. My xmas wishlist just keeps getting longer! Is it real silver tho? Will I be alleregic to it??

  2. It says “oxidized” silver. I don’t really know if you’ll have a reaction to it. Just take anti-histamines if u like it so much. 😛

  3. say NO to drugs…

    Plus I tried to find it online I went thru 60 pages
    there were 32,632 pages of jewelry
    21 pieces on each page
    Which means 685,272 pieces assuming the last page has 21 pieces on it
    which means I have 0.000146% of finding the one I want randomly.
    I don’t intend on going thru 32,632 pages.
    I don’t do anything where the chance of succeeding is less than 1%.
    Oh Well.

  4. Nia – just click on the link below:

    If you get the necklace, email us a picture of you wearing it!

  5. Home > Error
    Uh oh!
    Sorry, the item you are looking for does not exist.

    Bleh…its not meant to be…find me something more interesting and a little more gruesome that isn’t buried too deep in the virtual world.

  6. The jewellery looks really hot and unique, i love dolls..

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