For Jaz and Dana

Straight from BBC news:

Wiley and Lil Wayne pronounced dead in fake online articles

03 November 2008 – Wiley has issued online reassurance to fans that he’s alive and well after a fake news report appeared online saying that he was dead.



5 responses to “For Jaz and Dana

  1. This caused quite a commotion over lunch! Glad it turned out to be a rumor or else we wouldn’t have heard the end of it from Dana and Jaz. Thanks girls! =)

  2. Look at him he’s a damn leprechaun! With his little sack of gold around his neck…
    and those boxers are GANGSTA!

  3. Ashwaa glad hes still a live.. 3ad please Aseel never rush in to tell me such news!! kella ellaa my boy 🙂

  4. Ya after i almost had a heart attack lool 🙂

  5. Sorry for the scare girls. Your boy is ok.

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