It’s all about form this fall.

This is a 100% wool oversized sweater from OAK $532.

I can so see Mary Kate Olsen wearing it with an oversized brief bag.




4 responses to “form

  1. The definition of form is shape and structure. Therefor I believe the correct title would be NON-form. Or “wear your throw as a sweater”. Looks quite comfy. I will take one.

  2. I think form in this sense is to cover ugly body form… as in pear SHAPE belly and back fat STRUCTURE

  3. NONsense. Curves are IN. Do you know HOW POPULAR Michelin tires got after they introduced Michelin man? And those are some serious rolls I tell ya…
    (insert Michelin man picture here)

  4. Oooow i lovee it =D
    great post

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