Obama Name Craze

Out of 15 babies born in the New Nyanza Provincial Hospital in the western city of Kisumu, Kenya on Wednesday, five boys were named Barack Obama and three girls were called Michelle. Kisumu is the village where  Barack Obamas father was from.

Barack & Michelle

Barack & Michelle


3 responses to “Obama Name Craze

  1. You know…I heard Kisumu is quite a nice area compared to the rest of Kenya…party city…
    There was this one time me and this guy were conversating about where we’ve traveled to. I told him that I’ve heard KISUMU was AMAZING to do for a laid back good time, no work, no strings attached type thing… He slapped me.. and walked away… Never called me. I will never understand WHY.


    On a lighter note…isn’t kisumu where we’re ALL BORN? The city we ALL arrive from/through/at…unless its a c-section then I guess you take the road less traveled…but most of us…
    All hail Kisumu…

    I can SO go on and oooon and you will probably not be able to post what I will say because it will be too explicit and politically UNcorrect and I will insult ALL of your readers (the 2 other ppl that read your blog) so I shall stop here.

    Thank You Aseel.

  2. Look at her FACE man…you know what shes thinking…KISUMU!

  3. Nia, bravo… My cheeks are numb from laughing.
    La ma agdar

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