Sequin Ensemble




4 responses to “Sequin Ensemble

  1. Bliiing!!!
    its gawwjus.. and the shoes literally 5ala galbi ydg eb3nff!!!

  2. Hi May, the shoes are Brian Atwood.
    Net a porter

  3. Item #1 … Add to basket lol
    Mmm like 3 or 4 of them
    For ppl who knows me: YOU GUYS KNOW WHATS UP 😉

  4. That’s so offensive even I am speechless. It takes A LOT…but I am…
    will come back if anything comes to me…I doubt it tho…

    Do the sequins come together to form a camel-toe pattern…? Observing…Offended…

    I can see people of a certain kind wearing these in Kuwait…OH MAN…!

    Ok I guess I did say a couple things…but I’m still as offended.

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