Sarkozy ‘voodoo doll’

Mr Sarkozy took K&B, the company that produced this voodoo doll to court after the dolls went on sale on 9 October, but the company refused to stop selling them. The court rejected his case, the company will keep selling them but must have a label that states how offended he his.  

This novelty comes with a user manual and pins. Voodoo practitioners think that this is misrepresenting their religion.



One response to “Sarkozy ‘voodoo doll’

  1. I have a collection of voodoo dolls under my bed…they come in quite handy when people start to piss you off…I’m glad they’re being mass produced. Takes away from all the wasted time and effort you have to go through to make every single one. Great job K&B…now start making them in different sizes and sexes.
    Thank You.

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