Nia insisted I post this because pictures posted of him previously on the blog were from a bad angle and the lighting was horrible so he looked bad. But in reality, when u do a proper photoshoot with make up and lighting and touch-ups and photoshop and all that stuff, he looks hot (according to nia that is).

So here goes



6 responses to “Djimon

  1. Why wasn’t my comment posted? Did I offend anyone? Or is the whole racism thing okay as long as nobody points it out? 🙂

  2. I don’t know what you posted, but im really curious now. Aseel thought it would be best to remove it.

  3. im boycotting. If ppl can source wiki to be racist I should be able to comment on it. Goodbye blog.

  4. but I deleted the racist comment!

  5. ok fine. you need my witty sarcastic comments so I guess I’ll stay 😛
    I’m going to my LAST presentation for the semester HorraaaH!
    “Mitochondrial respiratory chain activity in the human brain as a function of age”
    just had to let you know.

  6. joanne h klimowicz

    hi .. feel free to re-pose this at my house. yes, this one

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