Korean Anti- Adultry Law

A famous Korean actress,  Ok So-ri (this is her real name) has been sentenced to jail for commiting adultry

Enacted in 1953; initially applied only to married women
Constitutional Court upheld the law in 1990, 1993, 2001 and 2008
But the judges’ support for the law has gradually declined. The law’s repeal would require backing of six of the court’s nine judges – in the last case, five judges backed its repeal
Hundreds of people are charged under the law every year, but only a few dozen are jailed
Supporters of the law claim adultery undermines the social order, and say the law protects women’s rights in marriage
Its opponents claim the law is often abused as a means of revenge or securing greater financial divorce settlements; and say in reality those who suffer under the law are most often women

According to a survey carried out last year, nearly 68% of South Korean men and 12% of women confess to having sex outside marriage.



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