“Bulimia is curable”


This is one of the cleaverest sickness add campaign yet! I am sick of creepy advertising of rotting livers and infected lungs!

This ad is made for bulimia in Germany, German organization ProMädchen collaborated with ad agency red cell of Dusseldorf, to communicate directly to the troubled youth but sticking these on the toilet lids off many universities, schools, canteens and such.

The sticker in the shape of bloody vomit is presented on the lids of these toilets with a message that says “Bulimia is curable” and information on how to contact the organization for help.



3 responses to ““Bulimia is curable”

  1. they got the shape and shade of bloody vomit wrong dammit!
    great idea though

  2. I’m 44 and still waiting for a cure

  3. diaryofarecoveredbulimic

    Definitely an interesting idea. David, no cure will be delivered. Believe me, I waited a long time! You just have to really want to recover and be willing to do everything necessary. Then it can work.
    Good luck!

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