Beautiful il-tetto

“Experience our distinctive ambience as you satisfy your senses and let us meet and exceed your expectations. Enter our doors and leave your stress behind as we cater to your every epicurean need and desire.”


I got this in an email, and I really want to check it out soon. The menu is on the website and if I say so myself, its really impressive. Kuwait is lacking in a good variety of italian dishes. In addition, the decor is just stunning.


Reservation Numbers: 22424004 or 555-Tetto

il Tetto is located at the Marina Waves

* I’ll be reviewing il-Tetto thoroughly in the next 2 weeks


3 responses to “Beautiful il-tetto

  1. The decor is JUST WHAT ? JUST JUST?
    I’ll review it with you to satisfy my “every epicurean need and desire.”
    i love

  2. Nia, let me assure you that was not used at all when i was writing that. 🙂

    and neither was Microsoft Office’s built-in thesaurus 😉

    Never the less, you’re welcome to come try our food and service anytime.

  3. Well then my dear you have a talent with words that many people will not get. I do have to say that I do appreciate it though.
    And I will be trying it out tomorrow actually. If the foods anything like I imagine then I’m sure I shall love it and hopefully it will satisfy ALL my epicurean desires 🙂

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