Pee and Poo

I think its about time we get over it! Peeing and pooing is normal! Everyone does it! Well, the toys and clothing line is on sale on their website.

I found the story behind the pee and poo merchindise.

The Story

The fear of Pee & Poo – two come out of the loo!
Pee&Poo, two taboo-breaking cuddly toys by Swedish designer Emma Megitt.
Pee&Poo was Emma’s Master of Design project at HDK (School of Design and Crafts, Göteborg University). They went on line with their own site shortly afterwards. Within a few weeks tens of thousands of people had visited the site. And although Emma had not seriously thought about producing her two out-of-the-loo-lovelies, she received so many enquiries as to price and delivery time that she went into production.
So what’s the deal with Pee&Poo? According to Emma’s dissertation “The soft cuddly toys Pee&Poo elegantly integrate form and function in a playful and disarming manner”. Their design idiom not only appeals to children but also flirts with the adult designer toys market. Pee&Poo address the taboo-surrounded subject of bodily functions in an amusing, yet aesthetic manner. As it turned out, Pee&Poo can also be used in parenting contexts such as traditional potty training.
The idea of creating cuddly toys on the subject of pee and poo is not only truly unique, both historically and now, it’s also neutral, and therefore widely applicable and acceptable, with regard to age, gender and nationality.”
Emma says that to put it briefly, “People just like them; they seem to have a universal appeal.”


Pee Keychain: $9 Poo Keychain: $9



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