9/11 down a notch


Freedom Tower Condoms; “That’s what one German entrepreneur hopes bed-bound buddies will think if he gets approval from the US Patent Office for his “Freedom Tower” condoms. Understandably, the application has 9/11 families pissed and trying to block the move. Wannabe condom king Trosten Blueher is trying to push through the rubbers on which the packaging reads: “Freedom Tower, Make Love Not War.”
“It boggles my mind as to how someone could use the name ‘Freedom Tower’ on a package of condoms,” a victim’s father told the New York Post. “I find it very offensive. The idea that anyone would use something associated with 9/11 to promote any product is upsetting. But to promote condoms, that goes a step beyond.” “Freedom Tower” silver dollars (see image) were pulled after a similar protest a couple years back. With Port Authority officials already moving to nix his own deal, Blueher may not get his own idea to market. Again, the terrorists win. ”

Creative minds I must admit.


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