Aseel and I were walking towards valet after lunch when we spotted the subjects (victims) of this post. We were appalled by their outfits and their do’s.


Please DON”T:

 – Give your daughter a do-it-yourself highlights at home, especially if she has curls like this little victim.

– Dress your daughter in colorful stockings to brighten up a not so bright outfit

– Make her carry a house-shaped bag


THE FINALE (the filthies of the fashion crimes):

–  Never Dress them in matching outfits from head to toe

– Never have them in matching braids and sequined hairbands

– Blue Sequied hand bag! NO!


One response to “WHAT NOT TO DO TO YOUR KIDS!

  1. I think the house bag is adorable and im going to go buy one right now.
    As for matching outfits…our parents did it to us…and if you plan on having more than one kid you probably will too.
    I have no defense for the blue sequin bags though.

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