Would You Wear Naked Karl?

From Grazia


You can always trust Henry Holland to come out with something, ahem, naughty. Remember when he launched his hilariously cheeky slogan T-shirts “UHU Gareth Pugh”, “Do Me Daily Christopher Bailey” et al (modelled by then-unknown model Agyness Deyn) back in 2006. But look at him and Agy now! Agy is a superdupermodel. Henry’s label House of Holland is a hot ticket at London Fashion Week and his days of designing cheeky T-shirts are behind him…or so we thought. We’ve just clapped our eyes on these illustrations of designer John Galliano and Agy Deyn naked bar colourful cartoon flowers that protect their modesty. We hear these drawings plus similarly themed others of A-list designers (including Donatella Versace and Luella) and Henry himself are being emblazoned on tees currently wining their way to Dover Street Market in London and on to http://www.houseofholland.co.uk. They’re not in store until next year (priced £75)…but we thought you’d want the heads up HOH fans! And if you are of a mind to feel mildly shocked at the audacity of the graphics, rest assured. Henry has been given the green light by all of his subjects! Quite what they’ll make of them is slightly less certain, but what do you think of his latest designs?



2 responses to “Would You Wear Naked Karl?

  1. I would wear Aggy naked on any given Sunday

  2. yes. wth i would wear naked anyone.

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