So check this, all we’ve been talking about for the past 2 days is how pale we all are getting cuz our summer tans have faded completely. This morning i came across this post at the stylist blog:

“Picture it: Vicky sneaks away from her family, furtively locks herself in the bathroom, rolls up her shirt, and injects her stomach with an illegal compound.

Sounds like she’s a drug addict, right? Wrong; well, kinda.

Vicky is an addict, but it’s not the high she’s seeking – it’s the perfect tan.

As we reported last week, the new tanning drug of choice is an injectible form of the hormone Melanotan, which increases melanin production in the skin. Melanin is a dark, protective pigment that increases after sun exposure. After 10 days of injecting Melanotan, users enjoy a warm, golden tan.

Women are getting Melanotan at gyms, from beauty professionals and online – in the UK the drug is legal to buy, but illegal to sell. While the UK press has reported most profusely on Melanotan, it’s gaining popularity – and the attention of government watchdogs – in the US and Australia, where it’s also being developed and/or marketed as an appetite suppressant, a rosacea treatment and a sexual stimulant.

But the the danger lies here: Melanotan has not undergone regulatory testing in the US, the UK or Australia to assess it’s long-term side effects.”


Since Melanotan activates melanocytes in the skin, it has the potential to cause cancer, as melanocytes are the cells that become cancerous in malignant melanoma. In short, Melanotan may be tricking the body into thinking it’s getting more sun exposure than it actually is, which is NOT a good thing.

And there are short term side effects too: They include depression, suppressed appetite, nausea, high blood pressure, facial flushing and panic attacks. But according to a recent article in The Daily Mail, despite these dire warnings women are continuing to use the drug.

“But I feel fine using these jabs. I want to look my best at parties in strappy evening dresses and these tanning jabs give me the best colour I’ve ever had,” says Vicky. “Far from doing me any harm, in these dark, wintry days, seeing myself glowing with health has given me a fantastic boost.”

Spoken like a true addict.


8 responses to “Tan-orexia!

  1. Melanotan is NOT a natural occurring hormone it is an an analog of a natural occurring hormone alpha-MSH. (lecture notes)
    I see a slim to none chance that it’ll have the ability to cause skin cancer because its the UV rays from sunlight that CAUSE the mutations that develop into cancer. Your body is a little smarter than u think. It wont get “tricked” into thinking its getting fried by UV light if it isn’t. If anything this might turn out to prevent or even treat certain skin cancers.
    BUT MSH has way too many other functions that I’ll not bore you with so technically u wont JUST get a tan if you start injecting yourself with its analog…you’ll get a lot more effects you probably wouldn’t want…
    Closing comments…Wait 5 years.
    and theres a Melanotan II that makes you horny. Like people aren’t horny enough already 🙂
    *I like this one… post more like this.

  2. hhehehehehhehe Nia thanks for filling us in!
    I’ll be sure to post more stuff like this. There is a similar post about an eyelash lengthening drug.

  3. Well.. wether its good or not .. i do need a TAN im white as snow white! i think Melanotan II should be worth trying.. lol. i dont get this statement ” …..in the UK the drug is legal to buy, but illegal to sell…” is it me being a bit of ADD oriented or it says u can buy them legaly but they dont sale them….. Luj rephrase pwez!

  4. HAHAHA, susy, you can buy it from certain places, you’re not allowed to resell it.
    You do realize that the side effect is – you will get horny.

  5. Have you read the article that Wired Magazine did about the melanotan peptides?

    Looks like there’s a well regulated future for melanotan one on the horizon. Clinuvel has just gotten FDA approval to conduct human trials in the U.S.



  6. Very interesting post. Thank you for sharing with us.

  7. The things folks will do cosmetically…nice post

  8. Hello bougies, could this entry do for an update?

    melanotan-1 (afamelanotide / Scenesse) has been approved in Italy for treating sufferers of EPP:

    info: Australian LIfeScientist


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