Congratulations Nia

Congratulations Nia on completing 1 week of being a vegetarian! You may now eat COW.


Tell us about ur experience. What you ate for a week… etc.


One response to “Congratulations Nia

  1. Horraaaah! Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ oh wow so I was going to sleep but now I have to respond to this.
    I ate bagel and cream cheese…eggs for protein…more bagels with cream cheese…After the gym I thought let me try to keep it healthy so I had brown rice with mixed veggies..that tasted like cardboard so I smothered it in salsa (the type you dip your chips in) I also had subways veggie patty with all the stuff I usually have on a steak and cheese..what else…oh there was that HORRENDOUS boca burger…its like this meatless burger I have no clue what its made of it tasted OKAY (disgusting) but the texture was WEIRD and it made me cry. no like seriously I needed an in n out burger that day. AND I had pad thai with tofu which was YUMMYYYY and veggie meigoreng from the singapore banana leaf at the farmers market which is always good. The hard part was going to chilis and not being able to order my boneless ๐Ÿ˜ฆ that was tragic…so instead I had a WHOLE plate of nachos without the beef thing they put in it.
    All in all i wasn’t as BAD as I thought it would be…my withdrawal symptoms (headache on one side of my forehead) were on and off but got worse when my students asked stupid questions but that’s about it.
    I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone that can’t cook I think that makes it harder and anyone who cant figure out good sources of protein because you will go from skinny to obese if all you eat is carbs and fat.
    I LOVE COWS – I am having the biggest bloodiest steak tomorrow…to celebrate.
    Now I can honestly say I used to be a vegetarian. ๐Ÿ™‚
    goodnight and good luck.

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