How far is too far?


An Indian national working in Dubai as an administrator with a property development company has been sentenced to a six-month suspended jail term and fined $2,722 for cross-dressing and wearing mascara in public, the Dubai newspaper Gulf News reported.According to the paper, the man was arrested by a police officer in civilian clothes in the Mall of the Emirates in what the police described as a glittering outfit, a bra, mascara, women’s perfume and a wig.

I dont know about you, but I think its crazy that someone gets arrested for cross dressing. And womens’ perfume? Anyone who knows me, knows I wear mens’ perfume. That never got me arrested! And dubai is considered a culturally diverse, open and modernย and it brags about its human rights…


7 responses to “How far is too far?

  1. lol i just realized my comment on the last thing was actually a title for this one.
    So dubai is starting to suck ass…they don’t allow cuddling (sex) on the beach
    they dont allow cross dressing…
    come ooooon people this is ridiculous.

  2. This is a new development, I had a mate in Dubai who was caught on the job in a car when a policemen knocked on the window, he was just given a verbal warning, this was 6 years ago.

    Something is up, maybe the police want to cross dress and have sex in public but can’t so they’re getting a bit tight ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Dear Bougies,
    I love your blog, your sense of style, and I will always be your blog follower because I simply love it.
    But don’t take what I am about to say wrongly.
    Dubai may be tight about such things as having sex in public and cross dressing, but there is a very good explanation for that.
    The U.A.E is an Islamic country, adding to that, it has conservative traditions just as do most of the arabic countries. As a muslim, I was raised to respect people’s believes and traditions because that is the right thing to do. But to cross dress in public is wrong. To have sex in public is wrong. To wear clothes that reveal private body parts of women (nipples and such) is wrong. Why? because besides it being wrong to our believes and tradition, it is just common sense. A man is not to reveal his lovers body or wife’s body in public and have sex just like that infront of everyone as if sex were a routine. Sex between a man and a woman must happen in privacy and in grace, because it is a holly thing just between a man and his wife. If a woman and a man are having sex in public then forgive me but they are cheap for doing that, and disrespectful for our religion and our traditions. As for cross dressing, politically speaking the U.A.E is not a democratic country to allow everyone to do whatever they want. Traditionally speaking, it is unacceptable for a man to dress as a woman because it disagrees with religion. Religiously speaking, any type of homosexuality is forbidden because Allah created men for women and women for men, it’s a long explanation in religion and I hope you research it because it is interesting. The man wore a bra and a wig. That itself is a disgrace. Most people have perversions and I don’t think it is wrong, but come on, please respect our traditions and our religion. When we go to other countries we don’t disprespect their traditions and religion. If I go to London an see a man and a woman having sex in the park I say NOTHING and that is because it is their country, their freedom their. But here, I would’ve said something to them. If I see a cross dresser in America, I wouldn’t say anything either. But here, yes I will because this is my arabic place, my traditions, my beliefs, and I would love it if I get respect for them as I respect other countries tradition IN THEIR COUNTRY.
    PS: I spoke about sex as a reply to Nia.
    PSS: I love Bougies.
    PSSS: Dubai is a lovely diverse place, and a great place to live in. But please don’t get angry because of the traditions. As you have your traditions, we have ours too.

  4. Sex in public is illegal everywhere you obviously cant take a joke. ๐Ÿ™‚
    …as for cross-dressing-gimme a break. Let the guy wear a bra if he wants to wear a bra. He’s not hitting on your husband or harassing anyone. They need to get rid of the guys that harass the crap out of anything with a vagina if they care about the well-being of their people. and not all cross dressers are gay just fyi…
    And where’s the line for cross dressing when it comes to women? Or is this a double standard?
    Tradition and Religion are two different things…another little fun fact.
    Dubai and the rest of the world needs to be tolerant. You’re not being converted from Islam to gay-ism do what you do and leave everyone alone if they’re not bothering you. In places like Dubai that thrive on immigrants coming in and working their asses off this especially holds true. NIPPLES AND ALL!
    PS: its all good…just chill out ๐Ÿ™‚
    PSS: I love Bougies.
    PSSS: I have absolutely nothing else to say.

  5. Butter – Nia was being sarcastic. We did not mean to offend anyone by posting this. However, we do put our foot down and say its not fair for someone to be arrested for crossdressing. We’re not talking about politics or traditions, we are talking simply – Human Rights.

    – We love Dubai, Nia, and Butter.

  6. Nia- Sorry I didn’t know it was a joke.
    I know sex in public is illegal everywhere, but i see it a lot in london and other places.
    As for cross dressing, I know not every croos dresser is gay, i mentioned many people have perversions and i am not against that but yes in public I am. It bothers families and conservative people.
    As for cross dressing when it comes to women, many woman do that but it is not considered as “Taboo” as for men because on men it is more obvious (the lipstick, the bra, the glitter) but mens wear is just plain baggy jeans(Which I personally where my boyfriend’s jeans btw) and a big shirt-tshirt or whatever. So it’s not unpleasant on women.
    I know that tradition and religion are 2 different things, but in arab countries they are CONNECTED. How? Well, lets consider Hijab in the U.A.E: My friend 3 days ago was nagging about her hijab or sheila as they say, and i asked her why do u wear it if u dont want to? she said: To us our tradition “wearing hijab” is stronger than religion. We must wear a “sheila” because our traditions are affected greatly by Islam. I agree with her.
    Dubai is tolerant, but if people don’t respect their traditions then no they will not be tolerant. Cross dressing in public infront of families is a No.
    Why? because families wont tolerate it. Such images bother most of the public.
    About the “In places like Dubai that thrive on immigrants coming in and working their asses off this especially holds true.”
    I am VERY AGAINST what they are doing to the minimum wage workers, especially builders, and I feel so bad for them every day. Believe me I am against it and I wish I can do something about it. But this has nothing to do with the topic.
    By the way, I am not from the U.A.E. But as a Muslim arab, I felt I must reply to this. Because most of the people don’t understand our traditions and religion and how those two are connected.
    Sorry again for not getting it was a joke or sarcasim from the beginning :-).
    Bougies: I am not offended and no one is offended, it is a misunderstanding thats all. I love to know what people think. I do think it’s not fair he will spend time in jail and pay that money, I think just telling him not to do it again would have been enough.
    Thanks for raising such a topic bougies. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Take care

  7. Is it hypocritical to talk about Religion/Culture (clearly stating you’re an Arab Muslim) and talking about “WHERE”-ing your bf’s t-shirt and jeans in the same post? yeh? no?
    Just saying..your opinion is yours to have but its when it gets people arrested for dressing a certain way is what bothers me.
    Like they said. Its a human rights issue.

    Bougies-stop trying to be so politically correct.
    You’re online its called freedom of speech. You don’t have to make everyone happy ๐Ÿ˜›

    I love LA.

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