POKEMON is out to get you

 I’ve always hated POKEMON, those yellow things scare me. I kept telling everyone how scary i felt they were. Every one laughed. Anyways, today nia emailed me an article about photosensitive epilepsy and image safety.


“In 1997 in Japan a single episode of the Pokemon cartoon
demonstrated the dangers of broadcasting unregulated material.
The episode contained 4 s of material in which long-wavelength
red frames alternated with cyan blue frames. Six hundred and
eighty-five persons were admitted to hospital and it was found that
five hundred and sixty of these had had definite seizures.”


3 responses to “POKEMON is out to get you

  1. I always knew it was evil.. always hated it..

  2. بوكيمون I hate the way the pronounce it in Arabic.

  3. nobody appreciates the neurophysiology of this. Do you realize that this means we can use pokemon cartoons to hypnotize people and make them do crazy shit?
    I’m just saying…

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