Elle Muliarchyk

Belarusian-born, Elle is a former model who was discovered in a Soho cafe. She was making a name for herself with her guerrilla-style self-portraits taken in high-fashion dressing rooms without the permission of the boutiques, she was often arrested. I love her latest work, so called “pop photography”

“For five months, Muliarchyk scoured New York places of worship in search of statues on which to showcase some of the most divine clothes and accessories of the season. And while this time round Muliarchyk asked for permission from church leaders, she has lost none of her dazzling irreverence or infectious joie de vivre.”

Dolce & Gabbana Shoes

Dolce & Gabbana Shoes

Trusardi hat and scarf

Trusardi hat and scarf


One response to “Elle Muliarchyk

  1. Elle Muliarchyk is actually not a “former” model. She is modeling now, and expect her in many magazines in the next few months, I hear!

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