Naked Gaga Sight Seeing

Lady Gaga spotted in this naked looking outfit sightseeing in Paris. Not a pretty sight.



25 responses to “Naked Gaga Sight Seeing

  1. That’s hot. I’m wearing that out tonight.

  2. What’s wrong with her?!

  3. She’s an attention seeker. Whatever it takes, even if she ends up looking like this. Don’t you just wanna slap some sense into her?

  4. are you kidding me that is hot only girls would say she that she looks bad but to a guy like me thats hot and no i’m not sexist

  5. No ! no nooooo she’s a disaster>>>socially unnacceptable !


  7. How pathetic can one person be? Blatant exploitation of her gender to sell her generic “music”. This just takes the biscuit.

  8. It’s her fashion statement, she likes to have people attention, by being not just different but by being, ORIGINAL.
    I love how she stands out amoungst the crowd, it may be on a different level as to what other people may go to but, DANG what can i say she has the courage to do so. I Love her music and her style and exactly as i said it’s HER OWN STYLE, dont slam her for it. There’s no need all it is, is like ‘bam’ said: girls your all beign jealous,
    I’m a girl but i happen to love her statement, at least she’s not fake like other celebrities.

  9. oh and btw it’s not her ‘pad wings’ showing it’s the centre piece i dont know what it’s called on her tight’s that she’s wearing that’s showing. I don’t think Lady Gaga would sink to un hygenic levels to be noticed her music does it for her.

  10. Lady gaga doesnt need to do that to get peeps to buy her music shes got great music…i mean wat has naked body got to do with her music DUH!!also that is my addie

  11. she is a retard, im a guy and im saying thats the ugliest thing ive seen this month

  12. OMG !!!! She’s Crazy wman

    She’s Botch!! WTF

  13. i personally don’t care what she wears. i enjoy her music… she has a great voice and actually sounds good live. i think she’s positively beautiful and i applaud her for behaving the way she wants to, rather than how society tells her to.

  14. So what if she wears weird clothing. those clothes she wears are at fashion shows and stuff, shes the only one whos willing to waste the money to buy it, and the only who who has the guts to wear it properly. you guys think every thing an artist deos is to seek attention. after a person is famous they have to wear plain clothing and not waste any money, the cant live, they cant do any thing cuz its seekign attention. she could be wearing anything, she would get peoples attention, shes lady gaga! doesnt matter what clothes she wears.. she looks good any ways.. ver fashionable..

  15. thats nasty.

  16. its just her tights not ‘pad wings’ if you look closely at any tights that has it. yuo should just leave her alone, she can wear what she wants and not people tell her what she should and shouldent wear, lady gaga is amazing and their is nothing wrong with her, her music is amazing.

  17. All i can say is at least she has SOMETHING on. It’s not like she’s actually naked. If some random that no one knew, did that, people would just find it funny, so why can’t she do it?

  18. omg! i hate here butt she cant do anything abaut that!!!!

  19. Oh my God , she is so ODD!

  20. She’s not an attention seeker. She loves to make her own fashion.
    And she thinks if you dont like it, you can kiss her ass.
    Can’t handle the fame? Don’t hate.

  21. huh, late reply..
    Doesnt matter what any of you people think about her.. she has become insainly popular, diamond record.. i mean fuck.. i’d do pretty much anything to get that kinda cash.. Just how the world works, exploiting people all the time.. if you find a way to exploit the world, and get “rich as” by doing it, then good on you.. You beat the system

  22. Oh I’d smack some sense in to that ass. GOD DAMN SHES FUCKIN HOT. I just jacked off to this picture and I came at least half a coke can. I WANT TO FUCK LADY GAGA

  23. ya’ll r idiots, she does that cuz simply shes fed up of people thinking shes a man….like shit how is it annoying for people to judge u????

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