Whitney Port Dumps Jay Lyon for Robert Buckley

Whitney and Jay

She left JayLyon a musician, and has been spotted with Robert Buckley:


Robert Buckley on the set of Lipstick jungle. When I first saw him on the show I was like NO… but then he took his shirt off and I was like HELL YEAH! If he was my man, I’d confiscate all his shirts. Good choice Whitney, Jays arms were as skinny as yours, he had to go.


3 responses to “Whitney Port Dumps Jay Lyon for Robert Buckley

  1. lol luji ask yaz what my take on this guy was..Shirt on…eh…Shirt off…SOO HOT…shirt on…eh…shirt OFF…OMG OMG HES SO HOT…He’s only Hot when hes NAKED. This guy should be naked the whole show!
    And if i remember correctly u LIKED weird teeth skinny arms guy…EWWWWW but i must admit he did look decent in the dark 😛

  2. Yeah! I did like him. He was on stage and the HAIR! wow. Bas his arms EW. And the teeth, I didn’t notice till I saw this pic of him.

  3. damn this man is hot! and that is a nice lookin pkg. boy i love gym shorts!

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