Picture of the day: Drunk Lindsay



I love it!


15 responses to “Picture of the day: Drunk Lindsay

  1. Looks like shes drinking urine.

  2. deixem a moça divertir-se pa

  3. fogged glass not piss

    and i’m sorry did you mean “DEIXE a moça divertir-se pa” ya spelled wrong

    she needs to grow up? you need to mind your own damn business how she spends her money is not and should not be a concern of the public. you my dear need to grow up

    it only took me 1 minute to correct and school the three of you it will probably take me a year to correct your sordid brown nosing into lives that aren’t yours

    on an added note what you people say about these celebrities do in fact effect there daily live the sick and perverted truth is they are willing to kill themselves off from the stress from the tabloids one of your comments could have be the one that sets them over the edge you sick bastards would probably love to watch them when it happens perhaps a video from a camera phone or under a night vision camera lens would suffice

    with disgust sincerely yours,
    Herman age 18 (fuck you)

    • non-yo-biznaz

      however, the public wouldn’t butt in if the photos didn’t leak all over the place! L.lohan as well as others put their drunken selves out there.

  4. wow herman little hostile there….celebirties chose to be who they are therefore they chose the life of being ridiculed and judged. They get millions of dollars….i think most of us work harder in one week than lohan does in a year and we gat paid significantly less…i think she can take the dirt we dish

  5. herman is either christian or gay. probably both.

  6. Herman is such a douche

  7. Well, think of all the shit she’s been through, emotional stress. I guess it is her choice to be who she is and spend her money however, but it’s fans and assholes who turn great people in to Drug-addicted whores and such. I mean, when she was like 17 she was hot. Then she went crazy, then she was crazy /hot, then crazy. <.<

  8. Celebrities are role models, even if they do not choose it. Lindsay comes off as a irresponsible and immature, and children and teenagers are looking at her thinking it’s ok to act the way she is. Accountability is something that is missing in a large part from the youth of Americans and reinforcing her behavior is damaging to herself and others around her, not including people that look up to her.


    So your saying that the more money you have the more freedom you have to do what ever you want regardless of what others say? Perhaps that our comments could push Lindsay over the edge and commit suicide? What kind of affirmation should one give then? Agree with the behavior and affirming her actions could lead to her going over the edge. Doing nothing could lead to the same thing. Disagreeing with her actions could lead to her making better choices, or not. In all likely hood, Lindsay is going to do what ever she wants to regardless of what people think, and if she will make better choices is up to her, although I don’t think she is at a point in her life where she sees the destructive side effects of her behavior or life style.


  9. Hey, guys, Relax. We all have our days. In fact, I do believe I made that EXACT face yesterday, doing the EXACT same thing. Have fun- stop being judgmental prudes. Let her enjoy her youth before she wastes it hiding from the camera. It isn’t fair (and I don’t even like her as an actress).

  10. ….. I agree with Herman… :]

    I know this post is old but.. oh well..

  11. Chances are Lindsay wouldn’t be selecting this photo for her professional resume.

  12. I’m sorry, but all this shit about it all being Lindsay’s fault that people judge her is a load of crap. She wanted a career in acting and that led to fame. Nothing wrong with that.
    I can go out on a Friday night, get absolutely wasted and no one would care. However, If a celebrity is seen off their face then it’s like “oh my god! Lohan’s a train wreck! she needs to go to rehab! we’ll judge her!” The public can make or break a person. Why are you all intent on making her life even worse. She’s human. We all make mistakes. She goes out getting drunk just like you and me. She’s famous. Get over it.

  13. Hahha.. this is a great image! ❤ Lindsay

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