Slumdog Millionaire Star for Sale


Rubina Ali, the nine-year-old girl who was featured prominently in the Oscar winning “Slumdog Millionaire,” was offered up for sale by her father to undercover reporters working for News of the World, the paper is reporting. His asking price was about $300,000. He thought the reporter was a wealthy sheikh from the UAE.

slumdog family

THE poverty-stricken father (center) of Slumdog Millionaire child star Rubina Ali plans to become a millionaire himself-by SELLING his nine-year-old daughter. On the left is the girls uncle who urged his brother to sell the child for a higher price; “The child is special now. This is NOT an ordinary child. This is an Oscar child!”

Check out News of the World for more on this story


2 responses to “Slumdog Millionaire Star for Sale

  1. this is beyond fucked up. are there no child trafficking laws in India?

  2. Nia, there is a market to sell children who can dance and sing in India. It’s a terrible issue. But this market is considered a black market, I read about it in a book. Nasty place, nasty people. But it’s very hard to get hold of these people, its so discreet. A

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