Recession & Divorces

I was listening to BBC Radio on my way to work this morning and the discussion was about the reasons for higher divorce rates during this period of economic crises. Apparently, wives of bankers and high ranked men in the business file for divorce, not because their husband can’t afford a new Gucci bag, it’s because of chores. Yes chores. Men become lazy, and the women hate them. There is a new book out that advises the women to make a spread sheet to calculate the house chores. In order to have a healthy marriage the chores should be 50 50.

If this is the analysis for the divorces rates during  the economic crisis in the UK, whats our excuse?



3 responses to “Recession & Divorces

  1. In the states divorce rates are going down because of the economic crisis. Nobody can AFFORD to get divorced anymore 🙂 Way to keep families together. Ppl are too poor to NOT stay together.
    Screw the kids do it for whats left in the bank account 🙂

  2. 50/50 should be.
    whats the radio channel for bbc news?

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