Rihanna’s cropped vest

I love this vest! Brian Reyes Gaucho Jacket… She was wearing it in London after Mr. Chow for dinner and a night at Movida.

Aseel xx



14 responses to “Rihanna’s cropped vest

  1. I absolutely love how she looks! And to be honest, I am not surprised… Brian Reyes is a phenomenal designer, and no one can make a woman look as chic, sexy and elegant as he can!

  2. I LOVE the jacket. It’s very chic and modern.

  3. I love this jacket too! It’s beautiful.

  4. I love this jacket. She looks adorable!

  5. Wow I really love the Brian Reyes jacket. Rihanna has such amazing style!

  6. That Brian Reyes jacket is fantastic and Rihanna looks fabulous in it!

  7. Love the Brian Reyes gaucho jacket!!!!

  8. love the jacket!

  9. She looks great! This jacket is very edgy and perfect look for Rihanna. Great job Brian Reyes and great job Rihanna!

  10. Where can I find some of Brian Reyes clothes… I Love this outfit!

  11. yes i agree but
    is the one side of her shirt supposed to be under her bra? Am I the only one that notices…

  12. @elise, you can get the jacket on shopbop I believe. 🙂

  13. The jacket is feminine, yet edgy and it looks incredible. I’m checking out shopbop now!

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