Sienna Miller- Boss Orange

Sienna Miller was in Madrid to promote new Hugo Boss Orange fragrance.

 “We’re thrilled to be working with Sienna Miller as an ambassador for the BOSS Orange signature fragrance as she truly embodies the spirit of the brand. Sienna exudes a modern femininity, which she expresses through her own unique, personal vision. She is a liberated soul – light-hearted, spontaneous and passionate – and she quite simply wears her heart on her sleeve, which captures the spirit of this new fragrance perfectly” said Thomas Burkhardt, Global Marketing Director for HUGO BOSS Fragrances.

“I’m very excited to be working with BOSS Orange…” comments Miller, “The fragrance is beautiful – musky, sweet and sexy. The general mood of the advertising is relaxed and light-hearted. There’s a casual yet energetic atmosphere with lots of running around and laughing – my idea of heaven.”



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