Sweet Death



A man has died after falling into a vat of hot chocolate at a factory in the US state of New Jersey.

Vincent Smith Jr, 29, was emptying pieces of solid chocolate into the melting vat when he slipped from a platform into the 2.5m (8ft) deep unit.

A spokesman for the local prosecutor’s office said the man appeared to have died instantly from a blow to his head by a paddle mixing the chocolate.

His colleagues at the factory tried to shut down the mixer, but were too late.

Mr Smith was a temporary worker at the Cocoa Services Inc plant in the city of Camden.

The chocolate is mixed at the plant by another company before being shipped.


5 responses to “Sweet Death

  1. interesting but sad news.

  2. In a related story, US acting president Barack Hussein Obama has announced he is adding a clause in the Health Care bill that covers the health dangers of falling into a vat of hot molten chocolate and being struck in the head by a mixing paddle. Also new to the bill is a clause protecting US citizens from being struck in the face with uncooked noodles. Economic experts believe this will add approximately another $1.2 trillion USD to the cost of this legislation.

  3. i was half convinced the picture was off him until i saw the outline of boobies :s scary

  4. LOOL Shwaish

  5. Chocolate…Yumm.

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