Prada Fisher Boots

How do you feel about them?

Prada boots


6 responses to “Prada Fisher Boots

  1. They look a little funny on the top, but I love the color…

  2. i dnt like boots in general :s

  3. i like em, but am 2 short to actually wear em, def. if they were directly above the knees.

  4. I am having mixed feelings about them

  5. good afternoon ppl

    my wife recently ran into an online shop. the shop is listing wide range of well priced high fashion clothes. the online store is selling the merchandise with nearly 75% discounts. my uncle really liked to purchase a pair before the vacation but not sure that order is going to be left in right on time. I am thinking to get those prada shoes but havent decided yet.

    just needed to share with you dudes.

    thank you people.

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