Cupcake overdose

Seriously, if one more person starts a cup cake business I’m gonna kill myself! Enough! Be creative! Stop imitating people! Ya3ni khalas!

I am very glad that all (by all I mean ALL) the teenagers in Kuwait have their own business. But the cupcakes are too much.



7 responses to “Cupcake overdose

  1. ee bass 5alla9! one of my besties opened this home made dessert business ,i did alot of eye rolling until i tried some of her stuff and not bad :s i think its just lana all we do here is eat eat EAT so they make money!

    amana ya3ni facha business to make rice crispies, wtf? shyabeela! sell something thats fee ta3ab (thats not my friend, thats mokan thani)

    btw 3 redbulls, hence the tone of the comment

    must stop now!

  2. Laa I cant! Kill ma afta7 3ala blog a7ad msawee a new cupcake business walla whats this?!! killa iqaldoon ba3ath oo ba3dain it’s killing creativity.. for a change, think outside the box and sell recipies to these or be a cupcake paper distributer … Ma adry khalas

  3. they’re over doing it!
    its like blackberry! everyone got one! like even a 9yrs old KID have a blackberry! WTF! “Habba yedddeda” 🙂

  4. I agree with all of you. Abandon cupcakes!

  5. YES TheY r toooo much ..

  6. It keeps them kids busy and off the streets so they’re not shooting each other up….
    Anything that keeps gang violence down is on the up and up in my book.

    …and I’m back.

  7. Welcome back, Shda3wa guns Nia, ana afathil guns 3ala cupcakes. heheheh 7asasteeni we live in Chicago

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