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Finnair & Plastic Surgery

“Finland’s Finnair airline is offering a promotion where you can cash in frequent-flier miles for plastic surgery, such as breast implants, face-lifts, and hair transplants

Read more: The Cut: New York Magazine’s Fashion Blog


Making the world a prettier place.


Jimmy Choo for H&M

I am going to the VIP event for the Jimmy Choo launch for H&M Kuwait at The Avenues. I am going to chew on those Choos hehehehehe I will give you all the details and share pictures!

This was the event in the flagship store 5th Avenue New York

Business Women of the UAE

I must say, I am so happy for all the booming entrepeneurs and fashion designers in the UAE.

One of my friends just started her own fashion line F.F.F. If you want to have more info please email :

She has also kindly forwarded over DAS collection for Abayas. I must say I am really impressed with their collection and the website is cool as well. Check out Reem & Hind Beljafla on or add them on your BBM PIN: 211030F6


Eventful Weekend!

So, this weekend I went to 2012. IT WAS AMAZING! Apart from the breastfeeding mother and her child sitting next to me.

Also, MABROOOOOOOOK yal AZRAG. I went to the game last night, Kuwait VS Indonesia. Nice work Bader Al Mutawa! We won 2-1.



I’m going to watch 2012 this weekend… Looking forward to it.


I heart ZARA

I am in love with Zaras new collection and I love their look books.


Justin Timberlake vs Karen McNeil

Justin was granted a permanent restraining order against his stalker Karen McNeil who showed up on his property in a cab filled with her belongings.


McNeil, 28, who represented herself in court, said she thought that she was destined to marry Timberlake and “to rule” with him.

She was ordered to stay away from the star and his home for three years.

Timberlake described McNeil as an “obsessed and mentally unstable stalker” whom he “does not personally know or have any relationship with”.

‘All lies’

“Ms McNeil’s ever-increasing, aggressive and harassing conduct are extremely distressing,” he said in a written declaration.

“I fear for my personal safety, and that of my family and friends.”

During the hearing, Judge David Cunningham ordered a five-minute break after an outburst by McNeil when he issued the order.

Outside court, she said: “That was all lies. I did not break into Justin’s house. I was let on the property.”

Last month, Timberlake was granted a temporary restraining order after Ms McNeil was arrested on his property having brought a taxi full of her belongings along with her.

Timberlake was not in court for the hearing.