Octopus Paul: We need you

Eight legged Paul, after accurately predicting 8 FIFA world cup results, he is my new super hero. He is extremely wise and useful. I was thinking this morning I have so many things that waste my time everyday and I need Paul to help me out. Her is a list of decisions I need Paul to make for me:

1. What to wear for work

2. What to have for breakfast

3.  Is it ok to wear a wig sometimes?

4. Should I cut my hair?

These are just a few of the most difficult decision I have to make. Maybe the best solution for indecisiveness is Mr. Paul Octopus



4 responses to “Octopus Paul: We need you

  1. you can totally wear a wig for work someday and will se how ” 3e6rch khayal ” will react! .. please do!!

  2. Paul the octopus is hot

  3. Abdulwahab Al Sultan

    hmmmmm… whats the trick here?

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