Hip Hop President: Wyclef Jean

Haiti is once again in the world limelight thanks to the Wyclef Haiti presidential bid. Wyclef Jean announced his Haitian presidential campaign last night, and Hollywood is thrilled with supporters. 

We can’t forget how much support the Haitians got after their tragedy. 


Wyclef Jean has to be the most renowned Haitian on the scene today. The Wyclef Haiti presidential bid is sure to vault Haiti back in focus for more joyous reasons rather than the tragedies they have faced.

This should be interesting..


2 responses to “Hip Hop President: Wyclef Jean

  1. I don’t want to judge, but I’ll say what I told my cousin on Facebook:

    “I read a while back that he’s wanted for tax evasion or something very similar. Either way, he’s not a very good role model if he can’t handle his own issues!

    And just because you’re a popular celebrity who pulled together a load of other celebs to help out with the Haiti earthquake relief, doesn’t mean you should run for president.

    I’m not against celebs running for political positions, but its obvious Wyclef thinks that with all the popularity he’s gotten because of helping Haiti, he’s a good candidate. It’s like the decision was made while he was sitting at home: “H…ey, why don’t I run for president!”

    The guy needs to prep himself for a while before running for such a sensitive and EXTREMELY RESPONSIBLE POSITION!”

    I copy pasted it btw :p

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