Ramadan .. YAAAY

I just wanted to say “kil 3am wintaw bkhair”..

So is it Ramadan tomorrow or not?! I always feel uneasy the day before..

Every Ramadan I try to get as many friends and family over to my place. I love how we all talk about “musalsalat” and how we watch “Shoojy”  (and illy ygool ma ashoof Shoojy chathab) we chill, eat, drink tea, drink coffee, eat, eat. This is a great time to get together.. Everyone will be easy-going and laid back.

So I hope you have a happy Ramadan.


5 responses to “Ramadan .. YAAAY

  1. WOWW SHOOJY fayiz fayiz !! 5ara ilshakil

  2. 123@hotmail.com

    Mbarak 3alaich elshahar! Chathab oo kalb ely mayshof shoji, ;p Lazem adeglaha hal sina, its gona be my ramadan ritual! last year i won a box of abc juice from her show, how cool is that! and yeah zwarat khamees’s kick off yesterday was amazing.

  3. Happy Ramadan oo taqabal allah 6a3tech

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