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Coming Soon: Angham

So, yeah, thats Angham for ya!

The album cover Lady GaGa meets Sherihan

Whats with Arab celebs always tryinng to be what they are not. I always considered Angham to be a classy one, bss after reading what she titled her album, I decided not to judge!

Album Is Called: Ma7adish yi7asibni

Walla ma adry what to say

On the way: The Carrie Grey Gloves

I am still stocking up my winter closet, I stumbles on the hot Carrie Bradshaw, The Carey Gloves from  They look fab. Only KD22. As seen on Sex in The City.

Glozell, Bougies loves you!!!

So, my sister met up with Glozell in LA heheh she sent me this pic! I LOVE HER!!! LOOL

She also sent me a voicnote!!!


LV: Marc Jacobs flirts with the ’50s

The trend for ladylike fashion continues to gain momentum as Marc Jacobs embraces the ideal again for the Louis Vuitton Resort 2011 collection. With as much importance placed on the transitional seasons as the traditional Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter collections, designers have been forced to seriously up their game.

Jacobs’ vision manifests itself in flirty 50s-inspired attire that culminates in full skirts and coordination to the max. Skirts are cinched at the waist with leather belts, and oversized necklaces add a contemporary vibe.

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Hip Hop President: Wyclef Jean

Haiti is once again in the world limelight thanks to the Wyclef Haiti presidential bid. Wyclef Jean announced his Haitian presidential campaign last night, and Hollywood is thrilled with supporters. 

We can’t forget how much support the Haitians got after their tragedy. 


Wyclef Jean has to be the most renowned Haitian on the scene today. The Wyclef Haiti presidential bid is sure to vault Haiti back in focus for more joyous reasons rather than the tragedies they have faced.

This should be interesting..

America’s Stately Wedding- Chelsea Clinton

Chelsea Clinton and investment banker Marc Mezvinsky were married at the Astor Courts estate in New York state.

Chelsea was wearing a strapless Vera Wang dress which  featured a diagonally draped bodice, ballgown skirt made out of raw edged laser-cut swirling silk organza, and a train in silk tulle.

 Oprah Winfrey,  Steven Spielberg,  Tom Hanks and singer Barbra Streisand are reportedly among the 500 guests, also Vera Wang was there to watch her dress exchange vows.

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Trend Alert: Gossip Girl OPI Nail Polish

To all the drama loving fashionistas, behold the Gossip Girl Nail Polish Collection by OPI. There are 4 shades in the collection with names like: Too Rich for You,’ and ‘Scandals, Secrets and Sparkle.

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Linday Lohans Message

When Lindsay Lohan showed up in court, she showed up with a message hidden in her manicure!! I think she is trying to communicate with the judge, the paparazzi, basically everyone. F*** YOU was written over a very summery pastel middle finger nail. I always judge people by how clean their nails are, and how good her paint job was done, from now on I’m gonna judge by the message people put on their nails.

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Customized Sneakers: Daniel Reese

Daniel Reese has come up with customized sneakers with a pop culture twist. I love them! If the idea of customized sneakers comes to Kuwait, it would be a great way for them to be creative! Unless of course the paint cupcakes on them, or put cupcakes in them and sell them, or make cupcakes in the shape of a sneaker.

Have a look at my favourite designs:

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Celebrity Style Crush: ANJA RUBIK