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26 ways to annoy people in an elevator

I get sick of the elevator at work.. here is some entertainment. I laughed my ass off. I wanna see what I can pull of this week

Glozell gives shout out to Bougies!!

Dumb Forums

I found this at and laughed my ass off.

Business Cards

Since I have started working, I am paying attention into little details to stand out from the rest. Unfortunately, we lack this creativity in Kuwait and it makes me sad.. There are so many things that we could do to make our business super trendy! Here are some creative business cards I love!

My Favourite is the personal trainer heheh


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Thanks Poach  

Shwaish VS Jordanian Lettuse Lady

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Octopus Paul: We need you

Eight legged Paul, after accurately predicting 8 FIFA world cup results, he is my new super hero. He is extremely wise and useful. I was thinking this morning I have so many things that waste my time everyday and I need Paul to help me out. Her is a list of decisions I need Paul to make for me:

1. What to wear for work

2. What to have for breakfast

3.  Is it ok to wear a wig sometimes?

4. Should I cut my hair?

These are just a few of the most difficult decision I have to make. Maybe the best solution for indecisiveness is Mr. Paul Octopus


Song of the day

Finnair & Plastic Surgery

“Finland’s Finnair airline is offering a promotion where you can cash in frequent-flier miles for plastic surgery, such as breast implants, face-lifts, and hair transplants

Read more: The Cut: New York Magazine’s Fashion Blog


Making the world a prettier place.

Burger King Blows