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Finnair & Plastic Surgery

“Finland’s Finnair airline is offering a promotion where you can cash in frequent-flier miles for plastic surgery, such as breast implants, face-lifts, and hair transplants

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Making the world a prettier place.

Burger King Blows



Spring Breakdown


Toothless Demi Moore

Demi is so cute! hehehehe

She took this pic of herself at her visit to the dentist and posted it on Twitter. I wonder how she broke her tooth though?


White-Trash I do’s

heidi klum and Seal


Heidi Klum and Seal had to cancel their annual trip to Mexico to renew their vows, but that didn’t stop them from having a blast on their wedding anniversary! Instead, the duo showcased their sense of humor and threw a “White Trash” themed wedding in Malibu for their closest friends. Seal sported cutoff jean shorts and a mullet while Heidi paired her wedding dress with corn rows. Naturally, they were married by an Elvis impersonator. Guests included Debra Messing and Matthew Perry. Usually the Klum-Samuel’s romantic vow-renewal is an intimate occasion to celebrate with their children, but thanks to the swine flu it turned into a pretty fun affair and we know how this family loves a costume party. We’ll see which tradition they keep up next year when they have the new addition of their baby girl.

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