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Glozell, Bougies loves you!!!

So, my sister met up with Glozell in LA heheh she sent me this pic! I LOVE HER!!! LOOL

She also sent me a voicnote!!!



Thank you XBOX 360

Lips: Number One Hits” is XBOX 350’s newest game, and Swarovski has partnered with the video game to create these limited edition wireless microphones, featuring CRYSTALLIZED Swarovski Elements!!!


Karl Lagerfeld: Phone Holder Gloves

Karl Lagerfeld Fall 2009


Beautiful Blackberry/iPhone Purse

Most of our readers have either a blackberry or an iPhone. Violet May, London has the perfect accessory. The blackberry purse comes in new vibrant colors and sells for $330.

VioletmaybbpurseI bought the gold one last year, thinking of getting another color this year. They ship to Kuwait. This is a shot of the inside of the wallet.


Click to buy

Also comes in lamb skin: black, brown and beige. Selling for $150

Elton John iPod



The rainbow fourth generation iPod nanos now have an even brighter look. Elton John has created a special Swarovski crystal covered version of the music player. The nanos have his signature etched in the bank and each comes loaded with Rocket Man: The Definitive Hits. Best of all, some of the proceeds (12.5 percent) go to the Elton John AIDS Foundation. The 8GB version sells for $565 and the 16GB model is $636.



0946220d25475be0_kiss-o-meterselling price: $30.00

Let’s face it – breathing into a cupped hand in front of your nose and mouth to check your breath doesn’t really work. Instead, breathe into the Kiss-o-Meter, a compact “bad breath detector” with heart-shaped indicators to let you know if you’re pleasant enough for smooching. Five different outcomes are possible: Kiss me, Possible, Maybe, Risky, and Never. Imported. Wipe clean.

Make the world a prettier place

Your ring tone can be the voice of Anna Wintour or Andre Leon Talley giving fashion advice.

If you are interested, click: