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Coming Soon: Angham

So, yeah, thats Angham for ya!

The album cover Lady GaGa meets Sherihan

Whats with Arab celebs always tryinng to be what they are not. I always considered Angham to be a classy one, bss after reading what she titled her album, I decided not to judge!

Album Is Called: Ma7adish yi7asibni

Walla ma adry what to say


Song of the day

Song of the Day: Britney Spears 3


Song of the day

Artist: Melanie Fiona

Song: Monday Morning

PS. Thanx kooky

Whitney: The Comeback

After 7 years, Whitney Houston is set to release her new unamed album on 31st August! Her album is produced by Akon and Exciting!


Army of One


Check out Army of One interview in Baazar.

Well done Faisal.. Keep it up.

Song of the day

I’ve missed her.