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I am a big fan of androgynous photography. The ‘Remember’ spread in Love #4 F/W 2010 stars models Dree Hemingway and Hannah Holman.  Shot by Boo George and features the models in front of a bleak landscape. The spread looks beautiful and sophisticated in black and white, perfectly channeling the old-school class of photographs.

Time Magazine: Aisha’s Cover Story

South African photographer Jodi Bieber took this picture of 18-year-old Aisha, a victim of the Taliban war on women. Her husband chopped of her ears and nose for running away from his abusive family.

This picture has raised so many debates throughout the media on whether the Americans should stay or leave Afghanistan.

I feel that the situation has become worse, when there is a war, there are guns, Taliban men with guns is not a good idea.

But what really breaks my heart is beautiful women like Aisha have to suffer, their pictures are on magazines that the do not even know. It’s terrible to take advantage of such sad stories for the cause of war  propaganda.

  Aisha is soon to undergo surgery in the United States to rebuild her face.

Ms. Deyn

Here are my favourite magazine covers with Ms. Deyn

i-D magazine in May 2008.

i-D magazine in May 2008.


British Vogue, June 2008

British Vogue, June 2008


Italian Vogue, September 2007

Italian Vogue, September 2007

Beautiful Gisele

gisellegiselle bgisele muse

Gisele Bündchen by Norwegian photographer Solve Sundsbo.

more images from this shoot

Pic of the day


Agyness Deyn II

I loved this, first issue of Love magazine was last April. Aggy posed as queeen Elizabeth II for the cover.


French Vogue Goes Nude

… no make up, no photoshop, no airbrushing. Just Monica Bellucci looking beautiful.

Monica Bellucci - French Vogue