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Maid Abuse in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabian employer has hammered 13 nails and 5 needles from a Sri Lankan housemaid! LP Ariyawathie, 49, told staff at Kamburupitiya Hospital her employer inflicted the injuries as a punishment.

X-rays showed that there were 24 nails and needles in her body. Doctors said those remaining inside her body posed no immediate threat to her life. The nails were up to 2in (5cm) long, a hospital official said. “The surgery is successful and she is recovering now,” Dr Satharasinghe said, according to news agency Associated Press. Ms Ariyawathie, a mother of three, underwent a three-hour procedure. Doctors said they would carry out further surgery later to remove the remaining nails.


This was too much… Walla fashla..

Naomi: Blood Diamonds Are Not Forever


Apparently the crazy, super sexy Naomi Campbell has landed herself in a not so trendy situation, the model was given a massive blood diamond from Liberian ruler Charles Taylor, and she claims that she didn’t know about it.

Designer Chrisopher Lee Sauve has quickly used his wit on that controversy , coming out with a ‘Diamonds are Forever’ t-shirt that has Naomi’s face printed on it with diamonds in her eyes as tears. The shirt is pretty clever, and a great way to garner attention to the controversy.

Time Magazine: Aisha’s Cover Story

South African photographer Jodi Bieber took this picture of 18-year-old Aisha, a victim of the Taliban war on women. Her husband chopped of her ears and nose for running away from his abusive family.

This picture has raised so many debates throughout the media on whether the Americans should stay or leave Afghanistan.

I feel that the situation has become worse, when there is a war, there are guns, Taliban men with guns is not a good idea.

But what really breaks my heart is beautiful women like Aisha have to suffer, their pictures are on magazines that the do not even know. It’s terrible to take advantage of such sad stories for the cause of war  propaganda.

  Aisha is soon to undergo surgery in the United States to rebuild her face.

Hip Hop President: Wyclef Jean

Haiti is once again in the world limelight thanks to the Wyclef Haiti presidential bid. Wyclef Jean announced his Haitian presidential campaign last night, and Hollywood is thrilled with supporters. 

We can’t forget how much support the Haitians got after their tragedy. 


Wyclef Jean has to be the most renowned Haitian on the scene today. The Wyclef Haiti presidential bid is sure to vault Haiti back in focus for more joyous reasons rather than the tragedies they have faced.

This should be interesting..

The Kuwaiti Police Women

Every single day in the news, I have to read some annoying articles about the female police. Some are against the dress code, some are against letting them patrol the malls and some are just against them because they hate women.

But check this out, I read in Al-Watan today that a drunk soldier in the Ministry of Interior was caught harassing the female cops! Now, does that make men better officers of the law? Look at their disgusting behavior.

Read the article..

via جـــريدة الوطـــن الإلكترونية.

America’s Stately Wedding- Chelsea Clinton

Chelsea Clinton and investment banker Marc Mezvinsky were married at the Astor Courts estate in New York state.

Chelsea was wearing a strapless Vera Wang dress which  featured a diagonally draped bodice, ballgown skirt made out of raw edged laser-cut swirling silk organza, and a train in silk tulle.

 Oprah Winfrey,  Steven Spielberg,  Tom Hanks and singer Barbra Streisand are reportedly among the 500 guests, also Vera Wang was there to watch her dress exchange vows.

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French MPs vote to ban Islamic full veil in public

So, the French have actually voted against the veil. There were 335 votes for the bill and only one against in the 557-seat National Assembly I don’t know how I feel about this actually. I mean, I don’t like it when my doctor is veiled, I wanna see her face. I don’t feel there is something wrong with veiled women walking around Paris, it will bring out the architecture lol. No seriously, I think that people should have the freedom to wear what they want.

What do you guys think?


Jolie visits refugees in Iraq


Egyptian “Pharoes” Football Team Scandal


The Times

“A war of words erupted between the Egyptian football team and authorities in South Africa Sunday over the circumstances in which members of the Egyptian team were robbed, following their Confederations Cup win over Italy.

On Friday, members of the Egyptian announced they had been returned to their hotel rooms after their historic 1-0 win over Italy at Ellis Park in Johannesburg to find thieves had made off with 2,400 dollars of their cash.

The incident made international headlines, amid persistent concerns over high crime rates in South Africa in the run-up to the World Cup next year.

But two South African Sunday newspapers gave a different version of events. The Sunday Independent and City Press both quoted police sources as alleging that the players had fallen foul of light-fingered female consorts at an impromptu victory party.

“We have reason to believe that they brought the women onto the premises and were celebrating with them before they were robbed of their money,” the Independent quoted a senior policeman as saying.

The newspapers also questioned why the robbery had only been reported to police several hours after the incident.

City Press said sources in the police, at the hotel and the World Cup local organising committee (LOC) had also said there was no sign of forced entry into the players’ rooms, nor any sign they had been burgled.

LOC spokesman Rich Mkhondo told the Independent the matter was becoming “murky.”

The chairman of the Egyptian football federation reacted angrily to the allegations that the players had been “caught with their pants down,” as the Independent’s headline put it.

“I think that they (newspaper’s sources) said that to divert attention from the main issue, which is security, by creating a scandal for the Egyptian team,” Samir Zahir told the German Press Agency dpa.”

Iran National Soccer Team PROTEST

Wednesday night, the Iranian national team made a statement in Seoul when members of the team wore green wristband to show their support for Mosavi.