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Anna Wintour on David Letterman

bye bye Edie

E! has announced that Edie is going to die a sudden and horrible death! Who will be the new bitch of Wisteria Lane???


POKEMON is out to get you

 I’ve always hated POKEMON, those yellow things scare me. I kept telling everyone how scary i felt they were. Every one laughed. Anyways, today nia emailed me an article about photosensitive epilepsy and image safety.


“In 1997 in Japan a single episode of the Pokemon cartoon
demonstrated the dangers of broadcasting unregulated material.
The episode contained 4 s of material in which long-wavelength
red frames alternated with cyan blue frames. Six hundred and
eighty-five persons were admitted to hospital and it was found that
five hundred and sixty of these had had definite seizures.”