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Glozell gives shout out to Bougies!!


Song of the day

Your love is my drug

Jimmy Choo for H&M

I am going to the VIP event for the Jimmy Choo launch for H&M Kuwait at The Avenues. I am going to chew on those Choos hehehehehe I will give you all the details and share pictures!

This was the event in the flagship store 5th Avenue New York

Business Women of the UAE

I must say, I am so happy for all the booming entrepeneurs and fashion designers in the UAE.

One of my friends just started her own fashion line F.F.F. If you want to have more info please email :

She has also kindly forwarded over DAS collection for Abayas. I must say I am really impressed with their collection and the website is cool as well. Check out Reem & Hind Beljafla on or add them on your BBM PIN: 211030F6


Trish McEvoy in Kuwait

The fragrances are now delivered to your home! Order them now, only in Kuwait.

91703TnewCall: 99042899

Kirsten Stewart & Robert Pattinson for BAZAAR


Love the hair band