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Death By Stoning, Iran

Can you believe it?  The human brain has been capable of finding a way to make it to the moon in a tin can, to invent the toilet flush, they have also been able to teach a chimpanzee to communicate through sign language.. But Iran still cannot change the law of stoning a woman to death because she has confessed to adultery under pressure.

For now, her case has been on hold because of all the publicity. I hope all the people who are involved in stoning women get their penises bitten off by monkies.

Sakineh Mohammadi Ashianti


Cupcake overdose

Seriously, if one more person starts a cup cake business I’m gonna kill myself! Enough! Be creative! Stop imitating people! Ya3ni khalas!

I am very glad that all (by all I mean ALL) the teenagers in Kuwait have their own business. But the cupcakes are too much.



I was planning on going to this new restaurant in Bidaa tonight with some friends, but I got a message from a friend that the venue has been changed due to toxic waste in that area.

According to Kuwait Times A wastewater recycling plant in Mishref malfunctioned yesterday due to unknown reasons, flooding the station and causing it to fill with poisonous gas. Firefighters responded to the incident but untreated sewage water from the plant is being released into street drains in the area. No casualities have been reported yet.


The Watan Daily made public the Environment Public Authority (EPA) warning against fishing and swimming on the Bidaa coast all the way down to the end of Messila.

The Ministry of Public Works has decided to divert the unprocessed sewage to the sea through the rain drainage networks. *GAG*

UPDATE: Stick to bottled water for the time being even when cooking.




Nasty Haistyles

I am invited to a couple of weddings this month and I have been looking for cool hairstyles. Please see what I found! Wyy la tshoofhum 7aleema Boland


Hairy Alena Akhmadullina

I would love to have this hair on my head, not my clothes.


Madonna: WTF

Madonna at the 2009 MET Costume Institute Gala wearing LV.